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A new era has dawned for players in Qatar who will now be able to benefit from the technical expertise of professionally trained coaches following the Paris Saint-Germain Methodology with local supporting coaches also receiving training with the same techniques. For the young players, the opportunity to wear the Paris Saint-Germain Academy jersey and belong…

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admin March 12, 2017 2671 Views

Magic moments What a great start to 2019 ! Our academy members received the exclusive opportunity to meet with the Paris Saint-Germain football players whilst on their annual Tour of Qatar. On January 14th a few of the players accompanied by their coach, made their way to the academy main field in Qatar Foundation and…

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admin February 11, 2019 64 Views

It is with enormous excitement that we announce the Paris Saint-Germain Academy for our youth in Doha, Qatar. From this point forward, your children will be able to benefit from Paris Saint-Germain’s technical and educational experience with a Program set up by the Paris Saint-Germain Technical Director. This technical support will also include the training of our…

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admin March 19, 2017 1595 Views