Magic moments

Magic moments

What a great start to 2019 ! Our academy members received the exclusive opportunity to meet with the Paris Saint-Germain football players whilst on their annual Tour of Qatar.

On January 14th a few of the players accompanied by their coach, made their way to the academy main field in Qatar Foundation and spent close to an hour of valuable time with our lucky Paris Saint-Germain Academy players.

After shaking hands with all the kids, the First-team coach Thomas Tuchel gave an inspirational speech to the kids, thanking them for their daily support & loyalty. The event concluded with the traditional photo- and- autograph session. A very special and unforgettable moment to all our academy players.

The following day, our young boys and girls were invited to another amazing event at the Khalifa Stadium where upon entering the field a big photograph of them was taken alongside their favourite Sports-Star. Thereafter “fans” got up close with our team and were awarded prime time from alongside the pitch as spectators to professional players In training….Indeed a “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” magic moment.

Those 2 days will remain in our member memories for a while for sure…

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