PSG Academy Qatar is Back to Training!

PSG Academy Qatar is Back to Training!

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Qatar Players and Coaches are delighted to be back on the Pitch!


With over 220 technical videos produced, a 10-week remote training program delivered, 45 live sessions issued through various digital platforms, and a 6-week online summer camp, Paris Saint-Germain Academy Qatar players and coaches are extremely pleased to be back on the pitch!

After a long period away from the training grounds, PSG academy Qatar Is finally back to training. The French football academy is currently hosting an evening outdoor summer term running through the month of August (2nd-29th).

Due to the current pandemic, the renowned football academy follows a strict safety protocol before and during each training sessions in order to ensure the safety of all participants. All equipment is sanitized before and in between sessions, coaches are required to wear masks and gloves, and players are required to have their temperatures taken and sanitize their hands upon entering the field. “Covid-19 is still very present today, therefore it is extremely important for us to take all the necessary measures by coinciding with the ministry guidelines” as stated by Fabien Dilem, General Manager of the Paris Saint-Germain regional office in Doha.

Cyril Klosec, academy technical director states: “Our training sessions differ from the usual training format. We modified our structure by really emphasizing on the technical and tactical aspect of game, all while continuing to implement the PSG Methodology. Each coach has a maximum of 8 players in their group in order to remain safe, and moreover, focus on each players development and understanding of the game. Our coaches have worked diligently to create drills that cater to all skill levels. We’ve taken out the contact aspect and have included challenges, which include skill, accuracy and relay races, just to name a few, in order to keep that competitive atmosphere throughout training sessions. The kids love it!”

The Academy is currently training at Doha sports park located in Lusail Saturday and Sunday evenings, involving all categories, while awaiting the opening of their new facility at the College of North Atlantic.