Back on track with Summer Term! August 1st-August 26th

Back on track with Summer Term! August 1st-August 26th

August 1st marks the start of PSG Academy Qatar’s Summer term program.

This year the coaching staff decided to do things a little differently.

PSG Academy Summer Term offers players the opportunity to take part in a Futsal program, held mornings in Education City & Lycée Voltaire West bay (indoors), or the traditional outdoor program held evenings at CNA-Q Qatar.

PSG Academy Technical advisor and former PSG player Didier Domi states “Summer is the perfect time for young players to take advantage of football. Giving them the opportunity to play everyday is what we look forward to providing – it’s key to player development. Being able to alternate between futsal and traditional 11 a side football will drastically improve their game as players expose themselves to different game like situations, giving them an edge on their competition”

PSG Academy Summer Term will run from August 1st – August 26th.

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